We have a lovely customer who is a real favourite with all the staff. She is a loyal supporter of our shop and regularly comes in to buy special gifts. Earlier this year she came in looking for a christening gift for her sister’s new baby. I tried to be as helpful as possible, showing her a large selection of the gifts that we sell for baby’s special day. I am very proud of our shop displays and make a point of keeping them looking fresh, attractive and a bit unusual. No point in offering the same selection that can be found in a multitude of shops.
I noticed that she seemed to be rather quiet and wasn’t her usual bubbly, happy self. I asked her if she was feeling alright and she decided to confide in me. Apparently she and her hubby had been trying to get pregnant for absolutely ages and nothing was happening. She was totally gutted that her younger sister had now had a baby after only being married for a year. I did my absolute best to cheer her up and she seemed a bit more upbeat by the time she left.
Anyway, who should appear in the shop again last week…complete with huge baby bump and an even huger smile! So, good things DO happen to those who wait….
I have already picked a gift for the new baby!

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