This is a true story and partly what inspired me to write this blog. I was desperate to tell people this story but felt that I had a responsibility to keep it secret as a professional jewellery retailer.

About 3 months ago, a man came into the shop with his girlfriend and they were all smiles and happy faces. They told me that they had just got engaged and would like to look at our engagement rings. I congratulated them and poured them each a glass of champagne (well, cava) and got some rings out for them to look at. About 2 hours and 4 glasses of fizz later, a ring was chosen. Happy days, all smiles, everybody happy.

So about 2 weeks later he comes back in with the ring and asks if we would buy it back from him because the engagement was off. I put him through to the person who deals with this, said I was very sorry to hear his news.

Well bless me, who should appear back in with a different girlfriend yesterday???!!! Yes you have guessed it. Announced they had just got engaged and he didn’t even look a little bit embarrassed. I only offered them one glass of cava this time and was polite enough not to mention that I preferred the first ring…

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